Glenn Douglas Packard was born the eldest of three in Detroit, MI to Roger and Paulette Packard. When Glenn was 5 years old, his father convinced the family to pack up all their belongings and move to a run-down farm in Michigan, where Roger saw a potential future in the dairy business. As Glenn was growing up into adolescence and the farm grew profitable, he began working in the family business in Clare, MI. Eventually, Glenn went on to study Dairy Management at Michigan State University. On one of his vacation trips back home, he suffered a horrible accident with a 4-wheeler. With a compound factor to his right tibia and fibula leg, his doctors insisted the only option was to amputate his leg from the knee down. After months of fighting the infection, which had spread through his entire body, due to the open wound, countless surgeries and a steel rod places in his leg, Glenn had to relearn how to walk. He made a promise to himself that if, and when, he fully recovered, he would do the one thing he had dreamt of all his life; to dance and entertain.

While at 21, where most dancers are already experienced, Glenn was just walking into his first dance class. Within 2 years he was accepted into the scholarship program of the highly acclaimed Alvin Ailey School of Dance in New York City. Fast forward 10 years later, after being dubbed “Dancing entrepreneur” by The New York Times, Glenn is one of the most sought after dancer/artist directors and choreographers in the city. His multi-dimensional & innovative work made him an international commanding force in the entertainment industry. Providing a wide spectrum of styles, he has been celebrated for casting and choreographing such projects as Whitney Houston’s All-Star Gala, featuring powerhouse artists like P!nk, Deborah Cox, & Brian McKnight, and A Miracle On 34th Street, performed at the world famous Madison Square Garden with numerous artists.Creative control was entrusted to Glenn by The 2001 GLAAD awards, the American Cinema Awards, reinventing the Chippendales show in Vegas along with their USA & world tour, Giants Half Time Show, the New York City Knicks, Miami Heat Dancers, and the Premios Awards working with the biggest artist in Latin Music like Ricky Martin, Prince Royce, Daddy Yankee, Carlos Vives, Marc Anthony, Fanny Lu, Chino Y Nacho.

Along with the Latin market take over, Glenn is also known internationally, working on the King of Morocco’s New Year’s Eve Gala and in Bollywood for his groundbreaking choreography in the film, “Rhythm.” Other films like Little Hercules in 3D, Dancing on the Edge, and feature as one of the top choreographers in the documentary MOVE: The Film.His music video work is a spectrum of artist like Brooke Hogan “Everything to Me”, Daddy Yankee & Price Royce “Ven Conmigo”, Timbland “Not All About The Money”, Fanny Lu “Ni Loca” & his very own music video “Love Dance” featuring the talent Beu Sisters. Glenn even has his own instructional dance DVD called “Everyone Moves”.

Glenn’s work had sparked a interest in the King of Pop himself Michael Jackson, and he was asked to be the choreographer for the Television major event, Michael Jackson’s 30th Anniversary Celebration which Glenn worked along side industry greats like Usher, Liza, Destiny Child, Jill Scott, Missy Elliot, Gloria Gaynor, Al Jarreau, Britney Spears, NSync, Mya, Monica, & MJ himself, all artist came together to perform Michael Jackson songs, Michael was reunited with his brothers, the Jackson 5 for the first time in 20 years, & Michael performed for his last time his iconic songs. Glenn was honored with Emmy Award Nomination for Outstanding Choreography in Television.

As seen on the cover do Dance Spirit Magazine & acknowledged in Dance & Fitness Magazine, Glenn offer classes at NYC Broadway Dance Center, which were booked to capacity with a who’s-who of dance. He goes around the world teaching his unique style and life experiences to young dancers inspiring them to be the next generation of talent.Around the early 2000’s, Glenn moved to Florida under the wing of Lou Pearlman, who, at the time, was owner of the Chippendales and creator of the boyband era with NSync, Backstreet Boys, and Otown. Glenn was part of a european boyband called twONEty, through Pearlman’s camp, Glenn was introduced to Hulk Hogan’s teenaged daughter, Brooke Hogan. The two quickly ignited a friendship with Glenn becoming a mentor for Brooke. Through this mentor/friend role, Glenn was then asked to join Brooke in a VH-1 television docu-series called VH1 Brooke Knows Best. For two seasons he costarred as Brooke’s outgoing, gay best friend/roommate.

This open a whole new world to becoming a face in the LGBT entertainment industry, giving lectures for the Bully Academy along with countless radio, tv appearances and covers of LGBT magazines. Quickly becoming “EVERYONE’S GBFF.”Glenn being no stranger to Television had worked on The Rupaul Show, Saturday Night Live, E! True Hollywood Story, Grachi, Miss USA, and HBO. Along with jumping on the pop culture of reality TV, with such shows as VH1 Hogan Knows Best, VH1 Mission Manband, and is the creator, producer, choreographer, and creative director of the E! Network movie event Men Of The Strip.Glenn is also president of other companies he created such as The Untouchables-Miami elite dance troupe, and The Knockouts – a sexy pop burlesque girl group. He is the creator, producer, co-writer & director of the award winning indie horror film “Pitchfork – Every Generation Has It’s Monster.” Glenn currently resides in Lansing, Michigan where he has moved back to his roots where it all started, taking his “Dream Maker” title in full effect in the state’s capitol, mentoring a young group of dance dreamers all over the Michigan state called the INstitute of Dancers.